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Found the following 23 event(s)associated with the paper matching the code COMP104-13B (HAM)

Attendance Notes: Students should also attend 2 tutorials per week. Students should also attend 3 laboratories per week.

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Add COMP104-13B (HAM) Introduction to Computer Science 2 Details
Event name Day Start Time End Time LocationFull Event Name
Laboratory 1 Mon 17:00 18:00R.G.10COMP104-13B (HAM) LAB 01 *A
Laboratory 1 Mon 17:00 18:00R.G.11COMP104-13B (HAM) LAB 01 *B
Laboratory 1 Tue 13:00 14:00R.G.10COMP104-13B (HAM) LAB 01 *C
Laboratory 1 Tue 13:00 14:00R.G.11COMP104-13B (HAM) LAB 01 *D
Laboratory 1 Thu 09:00 10:00R.G.10COMP104-13B (HAM) LAB 01 *G
Laboratory 1 Thu 09:00 10:00R.G.11COMP104-13B (HAM) LAB 01 *H
Laboratory 1 Fri 10:00 11:00R.G.10COMP104-13B (HAM) LAB 01 *I
Laboratory 1 Fri 10:00 11:00R.G.11COMP104-13B (HAM) LAB 01 *J
Laboratory 1 Fri 15:00 16:00R.G.10COMP104-13B (HAM) LAB 01 *K
Laboratory 1 Fri 15:00 16:00R.G.11COMP104-13B (HAM) LAB 01 *L
Lecture 1 Mon 15:00 16:00L.G.03COMP104-13B (HAM) LEC 01
Lecture 2 Wed 10:00 11:00ELT.G.01COMP104-13B (HAM) LEC 02
Lecture 3 Fri 14:00 15:00ELT.G.01COMP104-13B (HAM) LEC 03
Tutorial 1 Mon 12:00 13:00TT.1.08COMP104-13B (HAM) TUT 01 *A
Tutorial 1 Mon 13:00 14:00TT.1.08COMP104-13B (HAM) TUT 01 *B
Tutorial 1 Mon 16:00 17:00TA.2.06COMP104-13B (HAM) TUT 01 *C
Tutorial 1 Tue 09:00 10:00J.1.10COMP104-13B (HAM) TUT 01 *D
Tutorial 1 Tue 12:00 13:00G.B.13COMP104-13B (HAM) TUT 01 *E
Tutorial 2 Wed 12:00 13:00G.B.13COMP104-13B (HAM) TUT 02 *A
Tutorial 2 Thu 10:00 11:00TT.3.04COMP104-13B (HAM) TUT 02 *B
Tutorial 2 Thu 12:00 13:00I.1.08COMP104-13B (HAM) TUT 02 *C
Tutorial 2 Fri 12:00 13:00TT.2.01COMP104-13B (HAM) TUT 02 *E
Tutorial 2 Fri 13:00 14:00TT.2.01COMP104-13B (HAM) TUT 02 *F

Schedule of Weekly Activities

A weekly schedule of activities is available for this paper. Each event may not occur every week. For a full list of the teaching weeks of the University see Teaching and Assessment Periods.

Timetable Details current as of: 6 November 2013 11:24AM

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