2019 S Semester Examination Timetable

The 2019 S Semester examination period will extend from Wednesday 13 February to Friday 15 February 2019. The examination timetable is now available.
Please note that you are required to be available for the whole examination period.

Examination Procedures

Examinations are conducted under the Assessment Regulations which can be found in the University Calendar.

Bring Your Student ID to Every Examination

If you cannot show your student ID or some other acceptable ID (a current passport, photo credit card or photo drivers licence) when you sit an examination, you will be required to fill out a statutory declaration in front of a Justice of the Peace after you have completed that examination. Your grade for that paper will be withheld until this process has been completed.

Entering and Leaving the Examination Room

You should be ready to enter morning examinations at 09:15. You can enter the examination room up to 45 minutes after the doors open, (i.e. until 10:00 am). After those times, contact the Assessment Office. You may not leave an examination during the first 45 minutes of writing time, (i.e. 10:15 am) or the last 15 minutes. You need to get the Examination Supervisor's permission to leave the room before the end of the examination. Children are not allowed in the examination room.

Material NOT Allowed in the Examination

Spare paper, text books, study notes, calculators, electronic dictionaries and computers may not be brought into the examination rooms without authority in writing from the examiner. Cellular/mobile telephones, pagers and other communication or storage devices, including wearable technology such as smart watches are prohibited from the examination room. Students are advised not to write on their hands (or anywhere else on their person or clothing) as such writing may give rise to suspicion that the writing was brought into the examination. Students bringing unauthorised or prohibited materials into the examination room may face disciplinary action that may affect your examination result. Cheating in any matter connected with assessment is prohibited.

Material Allowed in the Examination

In open book examinations, you may bring in any reference material. In restricted book examinations, you may bring in only reference material specified by the examiner.

Law Examinations

When the exam begins, only write your name where it is stated to on the booklets. If your green booklet requests your Candidate Code Number, please enter your Student ID number.

Special Consideration for Impaired Performance or Missed Examination

If, for reasons beyond your control, you miss an examination or your performance during an examination has been seriously impaired, you may apply for Special Consideration through the Assessment Office. You must consult a registered medical or dental practitioner, midwife, psychologist or counsellor within 24 hours of each examination affected. You must hand in your application within 72 hours of the examination(s) affected. Special consideration forms can be collected from the Medical and Counselling Services on campus, the Student Centre or downloaded from Examination Procedures - Examinations and Assessment.

Special Examination Arrangements

If, because of exceptional circumstances beyond your control, you cannot sit your examinations at the scheduled time or place, you may apply to sit your examination at another time or location. You should not make any arrangements until your application is approved. There is a $50 administration fee and if your application is approved, you will be responsible for all costs related to sitting and arranging the examination. Please contact the Student Centre before February 5th 2019 at exams@waikato.ac.nz if you require special arrangements.

If you have a permanent learning or physical disability, you may apply for Special Arrangements for examinations. You must provide a completed Needs Assessment Form completed by a registered medical practitioner or clinical psychologist regarding your disability. If you are requiring Accessibility Services (formerly Disability Support Services) please make contact with the service.

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